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  • Relaxation    100%
  • Happiness     95%
  • Uplifted          90%
  • Euphoria        85%
  • Hunger           45%

Buy Alien OG Strain online

Firstly, Alien OG is a cross of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. One of the most potent strains available today, this indica-dominant hybrid has tested as high as 28% THC. It has the typical lemon-pine “OG” smell and flavor, and an intense high that combines heavy indica body effects and a psychedelic cerebral buzz. Beginners and novices, be sure to take it slow with this heavy-hitter. Buy Alien OG Strain online


The high from Alien OG is say to come on quickly as a bracing pressure behind the eyes. This head rush is accompanied by a sudden change in cognition, as thoughts race in rapid-fire association. The intensity of this cerebral effect is often determine by user’s set and setting or by their individual tolerance. To add  In cases where a smoker is able to comfortably settle into Alien OG’s alter state, the high can take on psychedelic proportions: visual distortions like enhanced colors or peripheral flashes can happen. As can the trippy sensation of time moving more slowly. Further more, Physical relaxation sets in as the high progresses, or as users consume greater amounts. This strain can be as energetic or as relaxing as smokers intend — as easily enjoy out among friends as it is vegging out alone. Alien OG’s well-round high also lends itself to several medical applications. Its euphoria is a boost for those struggling with depression, while its ever-present cerebral nature can be grounding and mindful for those with stress and anxiety . Its palpable body stone, while not immobilizing, can be helpful in relieving chronic aches and pains and even nausea. To conclude  In high enough doses. It can even be an effective means of banishing insomnia and lulling users into a deep, refreshing sleep. Because of its “racey” properties, however, this strain can sometimes lead to a kind of paranoid. Recursive thinking for smokers who are inexperience or prone to anxiety. Buy Alien OG Strain online 


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1 review for Buy Alien OG Strain online

  1. jordon

    Helped me a lot with my bad stress, anxiety, and depression

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