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Casablanca Hash is usually known for its versatility in effects, flavours and consistencies- what makes Casablanca Hash so special and unique compare to other Hash- is the cultivating process takes special care and is given more time than regular to cure this specific hash to the perfect humidity level, Buy Casablanca Hash 

resulting in a very fragrant and pliable final product. Casablanca Hash gives sweet flavours, with earthy and piney undertones. . 

Available In: 1 gram, eighth, quarter, half ounce, and 1 ounce 

Hash (aka hashish) is a Cannabis concentrate product, it is produce by separating the precious trichomes from the plant matter, and then converting the potent resin into a pressed brick like product. Trichomes are the resin glands which produce and contain the highest levels of concentrate of cannabinoids (THC and CBD) in

the cannabis plant- this is what gives the effects and benefits of cannabis. Hashish is believe to have originate in India originally, and then introduced to the Arabian peninsula during the 10th century and, later made its way to Europe

during the 18th century. Also ,  The THC potency levels can range from anywhere between 35% to 85%,  with the main ingredient being kief (trichome resin), it will not take much to feel the effects which are typically long lasting. Buy Casablanca Hash
Hash can be make using Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid cannabis plants which means the effects will vary depending on the strain use.  

How To Smoke Hash
Hash can be smoke in many different ways depending on the users preference. A easy way to is place the hash on top of dried flower in a pipe or bong, or it can be sprinkle into a joint also. Please note this product is best smoke when on top of floor and in the centre of you’re bowl or joint, as it is much more likely to burn when to close to the edges. For more experience users, hash can be smoke with a hot knife, or add into a herb vaporizer. Buy Casablanca Hash


2g, 8g, 28g

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  1. vanny luke

    This hash is just crazy good, not for new smokers. Exceptional!

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