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Buy Cookies- Candy Rain

Firstly, Buy Cookies- Candy Rain ,London Poundcake and Gelato are two of the most popular strains along the entire West Coast.

Secondly, Both of them are grown by Cookies Fam Genetics,

who is basically the cannabis equivalent of the Manning family in football. Anything with their name on it is going to put up numbers and the Candy Rain strain could be the next one up. Especially when you consider it was create  by breeding… London Poundcake with Gelato.

Again, If combing those two strains resulted in anything less than bold purple flowers, it would be a disappointment, but that’s exactly what you get. To add, Each bud has a purple base with little green leaves and short orange hairs serving as accents. The trichome coverage is a thing to behold, there’s not a single part not sparkling with sticky crystals. Buy Cookies- Candy Rain


Candy Rain’s terpene profile crushes the smell test with a sweet doughy smell highlighted with a kushy earth. It’s representative of a quintessential Cookies smell, equal parts sweet and OG Kush. The smoke unleashes relaxing waves that are expected with two indica-hybrid leaning parents. 

Therefore, This strain is also know for its inaddition,  penchant for stirring one’s muse to whisper creative nothings through your bong smoke.

You can find the Candy Rain strain at the Bakeree’s Northgate location.

Wow! The terps! It feels ever so slightly poundcake dominant with a strong gelato twist. The terps are quite complex on this, and I’m hella interest to hear how others describe it. To me it starts as a gassy yet sweet berry cream cake 🍇🎂that almost reminds me of a gassy cookie⛽🍪 pheno. This fruity/sherby cookie vibe is immediately followed by a strong kick of apple gelato 🍎🍧 terps. This one is an absolute heaven to smoke, as it burns bone white ashes with a smooth smoke. I tried it in a @paxvapor pax 3 too and holy moly it tasted like heaven.

Candy Rain makes me feel like an astronaut. Lastly, My face goes numb for sure which is kind of a weird feeling, but it almost makes me feel like I’m wearing a big space helmet. It has a bit of a trippy vibe. Colors are definitely brighter, and it puts me into a happy mood that melts worries and makes me feel like I’m on vacation. Buy Cookies- Candy Rain

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